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#198 - Old Age Demographics

After 2020 the global population will be dominated by people over 65 years old as the population of children under age if 5 will keep shrinking. The higher rate of increase of old people reflects their increasing life expectancy.

US average life expectancy increased from 63 in 1940 to 78 in 2018. People living until the age of 65 will have an additional 6.5 years to live.


In 1955 it took approximately 12 workers to generate the social security funds needed to support one person over the age of 65. 
In 2099 it required at least 2.8 workers to support one old person. This shift in dependency ratios indicates that the productivity of the entire global workforce would have to rise by at least 430% more in order to deliver equivalent old age support benefits as they were in 1955.


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