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#190 The Global Risk Report

The world cannot wait for the fog of geopolitical and geo-economic uncertainty to lift. Opting to ride out the current period in the hope that the global system will “snap back” runs the risk of missing crucial windows to address pressing challenges. On key issues such as the economy, the
environment, technology and public health, stakeholders must find ways to act quickly and with purpose within an unsettled global landscape.
SOURCE: World Economic Forum, <>.  

The likelihood of global risks keeps shifting, with global environmental risks ending up in a 2020 assessment. Conclusion: the risk assessment changes and is not consistent.

The expected magnitude of a global impact of risks is also highly changeable and not subject to consistent policy decisions even though environmental effects (including water shortage) appear to dominate in recent years.

Environmental risk far exceed economic risks:


China government environmental protection policy: <> 


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