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#175 Investing in Alibaba

Alibaba Group Holding GF Value is USD258.37 as of 09/21/2020.

The GF Value represents the current intrinsic value of a stock derived from our exclusive method. The GF Value Line on our summary page gives an overview of the fair value that the stock should be traded at. It is calculated based on three factors:

Historical multiples (PE Ratio, PS Ratio, PB Ratio and Price-to-Free-Cash-Flow) that the stock has traded at.

The GF Value Line is the fair value that the stock should be traded at $289. The stock price will most likely fluctuate around the GF Value Line. If the stock price is significantly above the GF Value Line, it is overvalued and its future return is likely to be poor. On the other hand, if it is significantly below the GF Value Line, its future return will likely be higher.

The projected price of BABA is 400 in 2022 and 600 in 2023. Consequently the expected prices for 500 shares is $55,000 and $155,000.


The predicted gains in holding 500 shares of Alibaba is $55,500 in 2022. Net profit and price of shares seem to indicate this may be a conservative estimate.

BABA also confirmed as preferred holdings by Dalio:

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