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#173 Social Development of the USA

One way of viewing the history of the USA is to examine recent cycles in social development:


Jeffersonian Democracy prevailed from 1800 through 1900 only to be eventually displaced from 1800 by 1910. That period can be designated as growth of the USA from a marginal colony to rise as one of the top ranked national economies.s

The next phase in the development of the USA from a national economy to global power can be traced from the end of WWII in 1945 to its current decline in 2000 when it is matched by rising disintegration.


Current trends appear to suggest that the forces of disintegration in socio-economic development are likely to remain over the next 40 years. The USA global power since 1945 could  be sustained if the USA shifts its economy to becoming the second most important trading country as well as the top ranked holder of global wealth.

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