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#162 Global GDP(PPP) Trends

GDP(PPP) of China exceeds the GDP(PPP) of the USA in 2014.
China's GDP(PPP) growth rate is also comparable to the GDP(PPP) growth rate of India.

The average as well as current GDP(PPP) growth rates of South Asia and East Asia & Pacific exceed all other global regions.  These two regions account for 42.4% if the World's GDP(PPP) and exceed the North America GDP(PPP)  by 259%.
South Asia and East Asia & Pacific total GNP(PPP) accounts for 57.6% of the totals from all other regions.
Preliminary conclusion: A shift from North American trade (e.g. 16.4%) to Asia (e.g. 57.6%) offers attractive opportunities.

Services amount to 63% of the global GDP with China (at 52,2%) still lagging in the global competition. Only India (15,4%) and Indonesia (13.9%) have a high share of GDP in agriculture. The US and UK (with 80%) of services are highly dependent on services.

The population growth for both USA and China is less than a half for the world.

Population growth is the highest in poor regions (Middle East & North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa), which exceed the population of China. These regions also exceed the population of the United States four-fold, 

One of the key indicators of future growth is the penetration of the Internet:

There are large differences in the penetration of Internet:

More than twice of the world's population shows a low level of internet penetration (e.g. 28%) as compared with high levels (e.g. 83%).

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