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#160 Distribution of US Wealth


The Distributional Financial Accounts (DFAs) provide quarterly estimates of the distribution of a comprehensive measure of U.S. household wealth, beginning with the third quarter of 1989 and through the most recent quarter.
This blog is based on data from: 

These interactive charts and tables allow users to explore the level, composition, and share of U.S. household wealth held by held by four percentile groups of wealth: the top 1 percent, the next 9 percent (i.e., 90th to 99th percentile), the next 40 percent (50th to 90th percentile), and the bottom half (below the 50th percentile). Additionally, the data set contains the level and share of aggregate household wealth by income, age, generation, education, and race.


Wealth in this post is concentrated in the top 1% and top 90% of the population. That inequality is confirmed by education and by race.  Whether such concentration in generating sufficient capital investments to support a 21st century civilization is questionable.

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