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Underground Prices for Stolen Credentials and Hacker Services

Hacker Credentials and Services Details Price
*Visa and Master Card (US) $4
American Express (US) $7
Discover Card with (US) $8
Visa and Master Card (UK, Australia and Canada) $7-$8
American Express (UK, Australia and Canada) $12
Discover Card (Australia and Canada) $12
Visa and Master Card (EU and Asia) $15
Discover and American Express Card (EU and Asia) $18
Credit Card with Track 1 and 2 Data (US) $12
Credit Card with Track 1 and 2 Data (UK, Australia and Canada) $19-$20
Credit Card with Track 1 and 2 Data (EU, Asia) $28
US Fullz Fullz is a dossier of credentials for an individual, which also include Personal Identifiable Information (PII), $25
Fullz (UK, Australia, Canada, EU, Asia) $30-$40
VBV(US) Verified by Visa works to confirm an online shopper’s identity in real time by requiring an additional password or other data to help ensure that no one but the cardholder can use their Visa card online. $10
VBV (UK, Australia, Canada, EU, Asia) $17-$25
DOB (US) Date of Birth $11
DOB(UK, Australia, Canada, EU, Asia) $15-$25
Bank Acct. with $70,000-$150,000

Price depends on banking institution.
Infected Computers 1,000 $20
Infected Computers 5,000 $90
Infected Computers 10,000 $160
Infected Computers 15,000 $250
Remote Access Trojan(RAT) $50-$250
Add-On Services to RATs $20-$50
Sweet Orange Exploit Kit Leasing Fees $450 a week/$1800 a month
Hacking Website; stealing data Price depends on reputation of hacker $100-$300

DDoS Attacks Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

Per hour-$3-$5
Per Day-$90-$100
Per Week-$400-$600
Doxing When a hacker is hired to get all the information they can about a target victim, via social engineering and/or infecting them with an information-stealing trojan. $25-$100

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