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How to Get Ham and Eggs

If you want scrambled eggs, you can get them at McDonald’s (one choice) or at a restaurant (four choices). You can call that Eggs-as-a-Service (EaaS). It is cheap but the choices are limited.

You can also rent an apartment.  You can cook the eggs anyway you wish. You can call that Eggs-as-a-Platform (EaaP). Costs more, but you also get a kitchen so that you can cook for whomever.

You can also do it the DoD way. Buy a plot of land. Hire an architect. Contract with a builder. Subcontract for appliances.  After that you can cook eggs in any way any official can possibly ask for. You can call that Eggs-as-a-Silo System (EaaSS). It will take at lease seven years to build though some of it will never get done.

If you want ham and eggs the DoD way, you will also have to build a house for cooking hams. A road will be needed to connect the egg and ham houses. If you also need bread, vegetables and spice you will also need roads to connect. To connect all sources to all destinations you may need more than ten thousand roads.

DoD can also build ham and egg houses using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. There are 18 listed ERP systems delivered as Software-as-a-Service (Saas).*  These SaaS packages are inexpensive and instantly available. EaaS will be always faster and cheaper than any EaaSS solutions. There is no need to wait more than seven years to implement an EaaS. If you do not like your choice you can always switch.

An EaaS method of serving ham and eggs will not be to the liking of everyone. There will be always someone who will insist on preserving legacy tastes.

While it may take almost a decade to create two perfect kitchens that fit all decision-makers the changing cast of architects, builders, suppliers and cooks will be asking for new features what the kitchen-of-the-future should look.

There must be a better way of how DoD can install EaaS solutions.  You do not have to build a separate building every place where eggs and hams are cooked.  All you need are a few secure hotels where adaptable and low cost menus can satisfy rapidly changing tourists’ tastes.


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