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Central Management of Desktops for Security

Workstation desktops can be managed as a central service instead of provisioning each workstation individually. These server-managed desktops bring the power from the datacenter to the network clients by creating images of standard desktops. User desktops can be then administered by removing the management of their IT infrastructure to central offices. Users can then instantly access their standard desktops, including data, applications and settings, from anywhere.

This arrangement allows standard desktops to run directly on a user's laptop, rather than on a server inside the data center. Centralized management provides users with better performance and lower maintenance costs.


The management of desktops as a service makes it possible to impose the identical security safeguards upon an entire population of computing clients. Up to 16,000 computing workstations can be managed, with limited personnel, from a single set of virtual servers.

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